espressamente illy


Grab an Italian espresso or a gelato for a quick pick-me-up before heading back into the Grand Canal Shops. 

At espressamente illy the art of the Italian café culture can be enjoyed in true premium-quality illy fashion. With over 150 coffee bars in more than 22 countries espressamente illy is much more than a place to drink the most premium coffee beverages.

The soul of Italy’s coffee lives in its coffee bars where centuries of tradition meet the modern barista’s expertise and understated, elegant style. If you’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a genuine Italian coffee experience, close your eyes, and take yourself back. It’s an experience illy wants to share with the world, and one that gave rise to espressamente illy: a global network of cafés uniting the genuine Italian coffee bar tradition with illy’s design sensibilities. This ambitious project – more than 160 cafés in the main cities of 34 countries, and growing fast – brings illy coffee and products designed to enhance coffee pleasure to passionate coffee lovers seeking to refuel, reflect, or just relax. Whether situated in a bustling cosmopolitan shopping district, in a museum, or at a major international airport, every espressamente illy embodies the values of beauty, goodness and the constantpursuit of perfection.


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